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  1. Popchoir is an adult choir for members 18+.  
  2. All vocal arrangements, harmonies, concepts and resources used in Popchoir are owned by Popchoir Ltd. Any person taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or other activity run by Popchoir Ltd, agrees that any use of ideas, techniques, resources or teachings will not be used, amended, copied or replicated in any way at any other event, nor will they be supplied or replicated to any other group or used in any other venue or arena.
  3. Access to music files created by Popchoir Ltd is for the benefit of each member to facilitate the learning of parts. These music files, when made available, are for personal use only and must not be shared, broadcast, circulated by mobile technology or otherwise, or posted onto any internet site. Legal action will be taken against any individual in breach of clauses 1 and/or 2.
  4. Any person deemed to be joining Popchoir to access the intellectual property or brand owned by Popchoir Ltd will be refused admission and have their membership withdrawn without refund.
  5. New members who have joined Popchoir without attending a rehearsal will not automatically gain access to the whole of the member's section. Proof of active membership and participation is required.
  6. Popchoir rehearsals take place during 3 academic terms and each term offers a minimum of 10 rehearsals, which may include large central rehearsals. Rehearsal schedules may be altered or changed at the discretion of the Director to fit in with performances or other events. Certain performances may take place in lieu of rehearsals. Members will be notified of this in advance. In the event of unforeseen circumstances where rehearsals cannot take place and alternative arrangements cannot be made, refunds will not be given but members will be offered credit towards the next term.
  7. Payment of membership fees should be made by the first day of each term or by the next rehearsal following a taster session.
  8. Membership fees cover the termly rehearsals. All resources, downloads, performance opportunities and other additional facilities are offered at the discretion of Popchoir. Members who do not have access to the internet or a computer may not be able to make use of all the resources provided.
  9. Membership costs will be reviewed annually and members will be advised in advance of any change.
  10. Refunds are made solely at the discretion of Popchoir, but will not be offered for missed rehearsals or member holidays taken at any point during the term. There is an admin fee of £12.50 for any refunds given.
  11. Popchoir may take film footage and photographs of members during rehearsals and events for use in promotion, advertising and publicity.
  12. Popchoir members will be advised about 'dress' requirements for events and performances and this may involve the purchase of special clothing at the member's expense. Our current dress code is a Popchoir T- shirt and/or Popchoir Hoodie with black trousers/skirt. Popchoir items can be purchased from our on-line shop.
  13. Popchoir members are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from rehearsals and performances, and are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending rehearsals, performances and events.
  14. Popchoir is not responsible for damage to personal belongings or to persons before, during or after rehearsals and performances.
  15. Popchoir Ltd holds full Public Liability Insurance.

Code of Conduct

Attending Popchoir rehearsals and events should be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone who takes part. Members are expected to be courteous and co-operative in their behaviour towards Popchoir staff and fellow members and to maintain an environment # without discrimination and of equal-opportunity. Members should respond to the leadership and direction given by the Choir Director and other staff members.


Popchoir may enter  into various competitions including TV talent shows.  Participation by members is optional and may be by invitation only.  Members who agree to take part  agree to make all reasonable efforts to make themselves available for extra rehearsals as necessary and to represent Popchoir to the best of their ability at all times in accordance with our standards.   Popchoir Ltd will act as both Agent and Management for members and members will be required to adhere to the decisions made by Popchoir Ltd on the choir's behalf.  Any member who participates in a competition but then terminates membership of Popchoir, will still be under the Agency and Management of Popchoir Ltd for such time as the competition continues and for 6 months after Popchoir's completion in the competition. Prizes and prize monies will be paid to Popchoir Ltd and used and/or  distributed at the companies discretion.

Data Protection

Personal and private information collected from members and held at Popchoir head office will not be passed to any third party, except with the express agreement of each member.

Popchoir reserves the right to cancel the membership of any person deemed to be in breach of any or all of the above Terms and Conditions.


Popchoir reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions at anytime without notice.

Direct debit terms and conditions

  1. Popchoir are providing a Direct Debit System for the benefit of members wishing to spread the cost of subscriptions. By joining this system, you agree to pay your termly subscription in full, by instalments.
  2. Acceptance onto the Direct Debit payment system is at the discretion of Popchoir Ltd.
  3. All new members are required to make payments for at least one term’s subscription.
  4. The Direct Debit system is operated by GoCardless Ltd via integration with our website. GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution.
  5. To sign up for the Direct Debit system you will need to have a UK bank account and you will also need to create an account with GoCardless through our website.
  6. Payments will be debited from your account on a monthly basis throughout the year. The first payment will be debited immediately upon registration into the system and the following and subsequent payments will be taken on the same day of each month as your registration.
  7. Payments may take up to 3 business days to appear on your Popchoir account.
  8. The provision of this direct debit system is designed to be an annual payment method but for clarity, members are required to complete the payment schedule to the end of each term and Popchoir reserves the right to take additional payments as necessary to fulfil this obligation:
    1. Each term requires 4 monthly payments of £27.50.
    2. Not all payments for a term will fall within the term dates.
    3. If your direct debit starts part way into the term, an initial payment must be paid by card to bring payments in line with the current term.
  9. Monthly payments will be £27.50 (normally) continuously throughout the year.
  10. Any changes to the membership fees will be made from the beginning of a new term and members will be advised in advance of any changes to monthly payments.
  11. If your bank account details change, you will need to log in to your GoCardless account and amend your details.
  12. Voucher codes and account credits cannot be redeemed when paying by direct debit.
  13. In the event that your monthly Direct Debit payment is not authorised by your bank, you will receive an automatic email to let you know. If you receive such an email, please contact your bank immediately to discuss the failed payment. Another attempt will be made to collect the payment 4 days later. If the second attempt fails Popchoir will contact you directly for payment by another method for the remainder of the current term.
  14. If you decide to change over to another payment option or to leave Popchoir, please inform us in writing before cancelling your direct debit, by email to info@popchoir.com, or by standard mail to Popchoir Ltd., 17 Winchelsey Rise, South Croydon, CR2 7BP

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