No. A regular commitment and enthusiasm is all that’s required.
No, we will teach you your part by ear during rehearsals, with further opportunity for practise at home by downloading a copy of the songs we are working on from the members' section of the website, with your part sung for you to copy.
I would be a rich person if I counted the number of times I've heard people tell me they can't sing. The fact is - everyone can sing - but confidence, or lack of it, often gets in the way. Many people have been told they can't sing, often as a young child, or they were friendly with someone who sang really well and therefore never dared try in case they were compared. Whatever has prevented you before, this is the time and place for us to show you that you do have a voice and you CAN sing! When you join a choir it's a very 'safe' environment to sing as you can literally find your voice at your own pace. You're one of many and believe me, everyone is so busy focussing on what they're doing that even if they could pick your voice out among the chorus, they're really not going to be listening! So come along, try it out. You can sing as quietly as you like while your confidence gathers and in no time you'll find that you do have a voice and you'll want it to be heard with everyone elses!
Please don’t be. We understand very well that sometimes it’s hard to take the first step towards trying something new and that not everyone is brimming with confidence, (in fact the majority of our members have told us they felt like that before they joined), but we’re all extremely friendly and you’re not going to be put on the spot, asked a complicated question or suddenly made to give a small recital, so please be assured there's no need to worry! Also there are lots of people in the room, so you really can find your voice at your own pace, and by the end of your first rehearsal you’ll know that next time you’ll be coming along to be with friends. If you'd like to chat about Popchoir to one of us before you come, for some encouragement or because you prefer to speak to a real person (we do too), then please call us on 020 8659 5464 for a chat, or request a phone call by emailing [email protected]. We'll be really happy to speak to you. Of course, you could also talk to your existing friends/work colleagues/family members and persuade one of them to join with you… they probably like singing too!
No. We sing together as a choir. Popchoir arrangements are specially written by our Director, Helen Hampton, so that we all get to sing the song. Because that's really what it's all about isn't it!
Every voice is welcome, and you may be surprised at how versatile your voice can be! We will help to place you in the choir to get the best out of your singing and so that you feel comfortable.
Joining Popchoir is by termly subscription, but we do have 2 options for payment. Please go back to the Menu and click on 'Membership' . That will take you to the membership information page where you will find all the details.
We hope you will make a regular commitment to Popchoir as being part of a choir is a team effort and it's hard to move forward together with members absent from rehearsals. However, we know that it happens occasionally and if you can't come, we’ll miss you! You will be able to find details of what we got up to on the Members' Homepage some time after the rehearsal, or you can phone for a chat to get any help you need to make sure you’re up to speed for the next rehearsal. The downloads are there to help you practise at home so that you can catch up with what you've missed, so please do make full use of them. You're also very welcome to go to another rehearsal at any of our other choirs! There are no refunds for missed rehearsals... we're still there even if you're not!
Sorry, no. We offer you the opportunity to have a taster session with us to see if Popchoir is for you, so when you sign up you are commiting yourself to the choir for the term ahead. Choirs are a team effort and so it is good to feel that there is consistency , which is why making this commitment is important. However, when people unavoidably have to miss the occasional rehearsal due, for example, to work commitments, holiday or illness, then we offer you all the necessary practice help to be able to catch up with anything you have missed. You are also welcome to attend a rehearsal in another area if you wish. If you’re flagging a bit, or finding anything a bit tricky, far better to ring and have a chat and we’ll get you back on the right track. If you are unable to attend your choir any more or something unexpected happens mid term, please do contact us immediately and tell us - if we know in advance we may be able to credit you towards another term. However, under normal circumstances there are no refunds - we're still there, the facilities are still paid for and the class is still running whether you attend or not. Please also note that absence for holiday at the beginning of the term is no different than absence in the middle. Please renew your membership on time at the start of a new term and then while you're away you can at least be keeping up with what we're doing instead of falling behind!
Our performances vary hugely from local gigs (like a farmers market or school fete) to singing at the 02 with Barry Manilow or filming a music video with Josh Groban. We also have our own concerts for families and friends, and many gigs, supporting local and national charities and communities. We have some regular gigs that we perform at every year and other things that come in and surprise us, so no term is the same. We are at our busiest in the run up to Christmas and in the summer months, and things are quieter in the first part of the year, but there's always something to look forward to.
Please register with us and tell us the area you are interested in. We will let you know as soon as we start Popchoir near to you.
Yes! Popchoir is expanding all the time and we are currently recruiting musicians and singers with suitable skills from all over the country to train with us and run our choirs. Please visit our Careers page. If you are interested then please get in touch and we’ll take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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