Our Covid Policy

Popchoir Risk assessment for Choir Members attending rehearsals

Updated: March 2022


Continuing physical choir rehearsals in indoor settings as safely as possible.  

This includes:

  • Following all government guidelines
  • Following industry best practice, advice and guidelines
  • Taking most recent research data into account and acting in accordance with it
  • Looking at each location individually and assessing risks specific to that space
  • Following all venue protocols and restrictions
  • Safeguarding our members with best practice at all times
  • Ensuring all members are compliant with both our protocols and that of the venue/location

Current Guidelines - March 2022

Currently in England there are no restrictions on our rehearsals.  We can meet indoors, unmasked and ‘mingling’ is permitted.

However,  we will continue to put in place the following mitigations to keep our rehearsals as safe as possible

  1. Hand sanitiser will still be available to all members  on arrival at the venue.  Please do make use of it  on entering and again if you go outside the hall for any reason (fresh air, to take a call, to use the toilet)
  2. Chairs will be at slightly more distanced than they used to be and we will continue to utilise space.  All members are asked to be considerate of those around you.  Some members may prefer more space around them so please work together to ensure everyone feels comfortably spaced.
  3. Doors and/or windows will be open for the duration of the rehearsal. As we enter the colder months you may therefore wish to bring extra layers or a blanket.  Some doors may be closed if the cold/wind is too excessive providing we still have a flow of ventilation through the room
  4. Masks are not necessary unless you wish to wear one.  
  5. Please  be aware of social distancing on entry and exit and before and after the rehearsal as some people are less comfortable with proximity than others. Please keep your distance if you are not sure.
  6. Please make sure that similarly you keep your distance from your choir leader and in particular don’t crowd them at the end.  They are always happy to speak to you but please be aware of their space too.
  7. If you have any concerns during the rehearsal, please let your Choir Director know.


The Rehearsal

  1. Members must provide their own lyric sheets for the rehearsal.  These can be downloaded and printed from the website or stored on a tablet or phone.
  2. Members must adhere to all the guidelines associated with the venue and the rehearsal and must act immediately on instructions given by the Choir Director
  3. Please be respectful of social distancing when moving round the building.  Anyone using the toilets must sanitise their hands on returning to the rehearsal.  This is in addition to normal hand-washing after using the toilet.


  1. Members should not attend rehearsals if they have a temperature or are displaying any symptoms of illness. 
  2. If you have been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms or who has recently tested positive for Covid 19 please think very carefully before attending and ensure that you take a covid test before the rehearsal and for 2 days afterwards.  If in doubt, please stay away and join our online session instead.  
  3. Members may be asked to take a rapid home Covid test before a rehearsal if we have had someone report testing positive for Covid within 48 hours after a previous rehearsal..  This will help to keep everyone safe and stop the spread of the virus.
  4. Popchoir must be notified immediately if any member of the choir has a positive test for Covid 19 within 48 hours of attending a rehearsal.


Our Guidelines and Risk Assessment 

Popchoir is closely following and adhering to, all the research and guidance by our professional organisations including ABCD (Association of British Choral Directors) and Making Music who are constantly liaising with the DCMS and the Government to clarify and update the current guidelines.

We hope that we can run a relatively normal term, but will update our guidance as necessary and members will be expected to adhere to any changing protocols as necessary.

Current terms and conditions of membership include  agreeing to the following:

That you  

  • have read the risk assessment above, carefully and in full and I understand the contents.  
  • agree to comply with all the regulations and protocols that have been set out in the assessment and will co-operate fully with Popchoir staff/designated choir helpers to ensure that I remain in compliance at all times.
  • will comply if any further protocols are requested at or during a rehearsal.
  • will not attend the rehearsal or event f you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms 
  • will notify the Choir Director immediately if you become unwell during a rehearsal
  • will notify Popchoir immediately if you have any symptoms or have a positive test for Covid 19 in the 48 hours after attending the rehearsal 


Popchoir is running an online option.  If you have any doubts about attending in person or consider yourself vulnerable you should think carefully before making the decision to attend.  Ultimately you do so of your own volition.




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